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Seven Wonders

A captivating young adult book series about the seven wonders of the world! 📚🔥   Content: Jack McKinley is an ordinary thirteen-year-old - with an altogether extraordinary problem: he has superpowers he never knew he had, and they put his life in mortal danger! Abducted to a mysterious island, held captive in a closely guarded institute, Jack and his friends Cass, Marco and Aly learn the unbelievable: they are descendants of the ancient dynasty of gods from a long-sunken civilisation. But this heritage threatens not only their own lives, but the entire world! And only Jack, Cass, Marco and Aly can save them. An almost unsolvable task awaits them: they must find the ancient seven wonders of the world and uncover their secret. Thus begins an incredible adventure and a deadly battle with enemies more powerful, sinister and gruesome than anything Jack and his friends could ever have imagined.   Conclusion: I came across this series by accident a few years ago. From the first
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Story Thieves

The idea is simply grandiose, but more could have been done in the implementation. 📚🔮 Content: What book fan doesn't dream of experiencing an adventure with his favourite heroes? Owen loves books, especially those from his favourite series. He would love to go on his favourite hero's adventures himself. After a boring day at school, he observed his classmate Bethany climbing out of a book. What he initially thinks is imaginary soon turns out to be real! After a few attempts, he is able to persuade her to take him along on her next trip!🏰⚔⏳🗝 Conclusion: I really like the cover. You immediately know what the book is about and already have a little taste of the adventurous story. The writing style is fluid and easy to read.📚 What bothered me a little about the story was that some characters were not fully fleshed out. Otherwise, I think the idea of diving into the books is simply brilliant! I would recommend the book for ages ten and up.🔮


A suspenseful, well-done debut novel that had me hooked on both content and language! 🍂   Content: Shae lives in Montane, a land where language means power. The bards rule over the impoverished people with an iron hand. Only they can control magic with their words. Shae fears them all the more because she has a secret: Everything she embroiders comes to life. But then something happens that leaves her no choice but to seek answers from the bards. And quickly Shae learns how powerful words can really be ... Conclusion: I am so glad I got to read this book before it was published. The cover of the book is a real eye-catcher. After reading the blurb, I knew immediately that this book was going to captivate me.📚 The story starts off quite introspectively. The first two hundred pages are mainly about the village where Shae lives. It is only after her mother is mysteriously murdered that the story really begins.✒ The author's writing style is fluid and very detailed. Everyt

The Ship of Shadows

A pirate story with great settings, likeable characters and an exciting story .🏴‍☠️ Content: When Aleja is accepted into the crew of the Shadow Ship, the greatest adventure of her life begins. The pirates set sail in search of a magical treasure map. But giant squids, pirate hunters and ghosts await them on their journey...🦜 Opinion: I like the idea of the book very much. Especially in the 21st century, where equality plays a big role, I think it's good that this is also reflected in the books. That's why I like the idea of turning pirates into female pirates! Historically, there were even female pirates back then! The most famous were Anne Bonny and Mary Read, who were even in the same crew.🏴‍☠️  The writing style is detailed and easy to read. I think the cover is very beautiful! I also really liked the small illustrations in the book. The characters were lovingly fleshed out and seem likeable. Since the chapters are not very long and the font is easy to read,

The Fire Keeper

A great sequel, which was in parts even more exciting than the first volume.📚   Content: Zane is stuck on a beautiful island with his family, his (hell) dog Rosie and his best friend Brooks. The goddess Xibalbá had brought them there after the capture of Huracán, Zane's father. When they tried to leave the island, they found that a "magical" shield surrounded them, preventing them from escaping.🏝 Suddenly, the demigoddess Ren appears and Zane decides to travel to the underworld with Rosie, Brooks and his uncle Honda and escape from there. Unexpectedly, Xibalbá appears and offers Zane a deal, which he reluctantly accepts. An adventure with many dangers, aggressive bats and murderous enemies begins.🦇   Conclusion: I had already liked the first volume very much, which is why I was already eager to see what would happen in the next volume. At the beginning, it took a little while for the story to gain momentum, mainly because there was some repetition from vo

The Storm Runner

An adventurous fantasy book that hooks you from the first page. 📚   Content: After being home-schooled by his mother for a year, Zane is now supposed to go back to school. At first he tries everything to dissuade his mother, but in the end he has to give in.🎒🏫 But everything turns out differently! Without wanting to, he frees the powerful Mayan god of death. Now it is up to him to save the world from the vengeful god. Luckily he gets help from Brooks, a shapeshifter.🔥   Opinion: The story is well paced and was full of suspense from beginning to end. Being a huge Percy Jackson fan, I really had to read this book. Honestly, this book can definitely keep up with the Percy Jackson books! However, I had hoped for something more from the foreword by Rick Riordan. The cover is a real eye-catcher and stands out with its bright colours.🎨 The writing style is very fluent. What I liked very much was that there was something new in almost every chapter. In short, I never got bore