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The Fire Keeper

A great sequel, which was in parts even more exciting than the first volume.📚   Content: Zane is stuck on a beautiful island with his family, his (hell) dog Rosie and his best friend Brooks. The goddess Xibalbá had brought them there after the capture of Huracán, Zane's father. When they tried to leave the island, they found that a "magical" shield surrounded them, preventing them from escaping.🏝 Suddenly, the demigoddess Ren appears and Zane decides to travel to the underworld with Rosie, Brooks and his uncle Honda and escape from there. Unexpectedly, Xibalbá appears and offers Zane a deal, which he reluctantly accepts. An adventure with many dangers, aggressive bats and murderous enemies begins.🦇   Conclusion: I had already liked the first volume very much, which is why I was already eager to see what would happen in the next volume. At the beginning, it took a little while for the story to gain momentum, mainly because there was some repetition from vo
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The Storm Runner

An adventurous fantasy book that hooks you from the first page. 📚   Content: After being home-schooled by his mother for a year, Zane is now supposed to go back to school. At first he tries everything to dissuade his mother, but in the end he has to give in.🎒🏫 But everything turns out differently! Without wanting to, he frees the powerful Mayan god of death. Now it is up to him to save the world from the vengeful god. Luckily he gets help from Brooks, a shapeshifter.🔥   Opinion: The story is well paced and was full of suspense from beginning to end. Being a huge Percy Jackson fan, I really had to read this book. Honestly, this book can definitely keep up with the Percy Jackson books! However, I had hoped for something more from the foreword by Rick Riordan. The cover is a real eye-catcher and stands out with its bright colours.🎨 The writing style is very fluent. What I liked very much was that there was something new in almost every chapter. In short, I never got bore